My VISIONARY Academy is a place to make some FUN using Adobe and other Apps. I show you how I use these tools to make my Art, then you can make your own Art! We can share our Art and go forward on our Creative Journey!

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"Glenn is one of those rare creative people who has equal parts of his right and left brain working together. Besides being an accomplished Artist, he has a great working knowledge of computers. What a Find!"

- Amy

Photography Gear

I always work from photos I take myself. There are so many different tools to take good photos. I will show you some of the tools I use and WHY.


Camera technology has become complicated and may seem overwhelming. I don't use all the features and I will show you the camera features I think are important for MY Art.


Technology has finally improved so that those of us who have a passion for drawing and painting are able to shift into the digital world. Tablets are a great tool!

Hi, I’m YourArtDude

I'm simply a hippie with a paintbrush, a camera and an iPad.

When I launched my Art career the internet didn't exist, I had to learn how to use all this new technology. I took courses on Website Design, watched online videos to learn Apps like Photoshop and began playing with Podcasts.

If I can do these things so can you, and I will show you how I use these tools.